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Episode · 1 year ago

ariana grande - 34+35 [slowed+bass boosted+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (Ariana Butera Grande) from her latest album (positions)

Might think I'm crazy. Way I've been crazy. If I put it quite plainly, just give me the babies. So what you doing to night? But US thy doing your watching. I don't want to keep you up your shamming. Can You keep it, because then I like to keep you maybe in a kid up. I haven't you a coffee. Coffee, happy quick. Can you stay? Gone, fuck me to the daylight, thirty four thirday. Can you stay, Fu me to thirty four thirday. Drink it...

...just like but the lot you're doing tonight. But if they doing, you ain't watch things. I don't wanna keep you shimming. Can You keep it, because then I like to keep you maybe a kid. I haven't drink a coffee. Can you stay gon fuck me to the day thirty thirty. Can you stay? Fuck me to the thirty four thirty, having your money... see, but when I'm riding I'm gonna leave it open like a book. I'm inside it. If you could hit it like a side, don't side got the Nipper. It's in the earthquake even those. By Way, I'm not the same, but the Tomer me got it fous parts. We could take it from the top such a thing control to make a bitch on the hisn can you stay up? Gone fut me to the day. Thirty four thirty. Can you stay go means I want to sixty.

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