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Episode · 6 months ago

AURORA - runaway [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (Aurora Aksnes)

I was listening to the old he saw face in side, but when I thinkthen I I ay from my had a free, my seven in my way a tree, I saw piece of heaven waited at O and I was running far away. I Ain ofwhale o day in no body, don't no body,..., I was dancing in the ray and I fell alive and a cat or laneloe. Take me home. Take me home, I I can't take it any more is pain. Jo was a painting of me for Menti Thought Y. I have then againit wasn't lo this time I ave lie in an see to myself a man putting Sar on the far on my show. No,...

I was run in fall away with Arven loveabout some day, O body o no body or I was ten. The Rag felt a love, and I cana me take me o my God. The pace take me I can, but I can't an for place to flow...

...and I can't run far of an I can't run and for a soft place tofar, and I can't I foreson was running, fall away withArven love the walls of day. Take me, I m, I got a..., I can take it any more. I.

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