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Episode · 2 years ago

benee - supalonely ft. gus dapperton [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to benee (stella rose bennett) and (gus daperton)

I know I'm just the looser. Shouldn't do with guess some quick why your rather drink. Just to thinking by where I should I've been lonely. What a down from the sea and knew this would happens. Too hard to believe it. Maybe I'm I don't want to seem. I don't wanna myself in this big it's a all of my friend, though. Is He your?...

I know, I'm just als. Shouldn't do with gut some quick while you're rather dream. I'm just to think. I should I've been knowing. Now I'm in the bath pup, crying and think I'm sorry. Sinking bubbooze in my eyes. Now maybe in the streaming. Now I'm in the sad. I'm just tryna get out. Big It's all I know. I'm just as...

...shouldn't be with guess some quit rather drink. I'm just a thinking by where I should have been. Known Los in in it to try holy days things...

...still days dress. I'm just the loser. Shouldn't be with your guess some equipped by your rapy drinking. Understand, thinking by wherever I should have been. I've been knowing super by the way I've been.

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