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Episode · 2 years ago

bryson tiller - exchange [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (bryson tiller)

This is what happened. When I think brought you, I get in my feelings up, I start reminiscing you next time around. Fuck, I wanted to be get for you, waiting on a sign. Guess it's time for a different preyer love, please save for me. Do this one favor for me. I had to change my play. AWAYS got way too complicated for me. How she's waiting for me everywhere. She gonna play my song.

That's why I said a days that. I said away. I know you can't Egnore me, but so, so, yeah, so, give me all of you and a change for me. Just give me all of you and exchange for me, for me break it down. Yes, sir, check. We used to lay up in this stay up, hastens, then blow down. I should have played no games, which you just left it off my brain. Last time I saw you wins beat. That was strange. Guess is nothing I could do. Man, is true. X is change. Yeah, Hey, guess you change for the better. Better. I know you know how to make me. Tell us I was never loyal,...

...let you tell you, but I'm ready to fix it. If you had a baby. So, yeah, so, give me all of you and exchange for me. Just give me all of you and exchange for me, for me for realtion. Yeah, Ye, issue at two keys, a tin roof. Turn Up, we UNTILLO. We just can't lose. Maybe I'm low key feeling you. Donna be sending cool and fuck you over. Wanna fuck you over and again. The truth is I really hit a start problems, girl, I swear to Goddamn holes. Can't never said. I got him know. I bet you wanna tell him. Don't try him. I wanna tell him. That's surprise him. I wanna get into it.

Why you stressing him? I've been driving back and forth from Louis Vaelectington. My eye list only will got your ass in my grip. College. Make you want to strip for them dias. Now, I girl, I got a job for you. Swear to God. I could do a live for you. So you strolling through the campus. I had to stop for you. I was scrolling through the Graham girl. I had to fire low you say what's up with you? You got my soul.

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