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Episode · 11 months ago

bryson tiller - exchange [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (bryson tiller)

This is what happened when I think boutyou I get in my fillage. I start remindingyour next time a round fuck. I wanted to be give waiting on A. I gets thistime for a different prayer. Lo, please savor for me. Do this one favor for me, I had to change. My play was got way tocomplicated for me. I she waiting for me everyone. He go toplay her song as why I said to day that...

I said a way. I know you can in low mebe so so yea so give me all of you in his age.For me, just give me all of you and exchangefor me for me break it down just Er. We used to lay up this stay o a senseblow day. I should have played no games with you. Just left it on my brain lasttime I saw you with a that was strange, guess, there's nothing. I could do man,it's true exscind yeah. He gets you change for the better better. I knowyou know how to make you tell it. I was never loyal. Let you tell youyour good, I'm ready to fix it if you...

...ready baby, so yea. So give me all of you in hischange. For me. Just give me all O you and exchange forme Bo me for I Shay issue in two keys. A tin roof turn up.We until we just can lose. Maybe I low key filling you don't be sin. A coolfuck you over on a fuck you over in again a troop is, I really his starproblem relies what a guy to hoe can never said a guy know. I bet you wantto tell him, don't try him. I don't want to tell them a surprise. All wantto get into a white, stressing your...

Ivan driving back and forth on Louisvilleins miles on. He will got your ass in my grill Colis make you want tostrike fucos girl. I got a job for you, sweat God. I get to a live but istrying to do the camp as I had to stop for you. I was growing through thegrand girl. I had the Filo same song with you. You got my soul, O.

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