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Episode · 8 months ago

cardi b - money [slowed+reverb]


yo btw, to the group of people that requested this song, i'm sorry cause i forgot to pick the 'clean' version HAHAHAHA. just cover your speakers or use headphones plsss

//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (Cardi B)

Look, my bitch is all badwhen Niggas all real. A rideing'sdacus, a big tall hills, big thatcheck, big, large bills run outflip like Tam card wheels cold. That'sbitch. I give Ross shoes. Tend it for looks to my little sokilled. I guess I'm in the mouth. I feel all girls eat in thecar. That's bellstone wheels. I was born a flash samonds on myneck. I like bored in jets. I like morning sec but nothing inthis world that I like more than Jack. What I really want to see isthat I don't really need to be any dough. Well, a badbitch needed. I got pans in the coop, but see not the boot. I got fans in the book. Touch me, I'll shoot, shakea little west yellow bag and take it to store. Yellow cash and shakea RU fast. There more in the coop, but see not too.I got fans in the cook to boot.

I gotta fly. I need aJet Shit honey boot for my legs. I got a baby, I needsome money kit. I need teeth for my egg. All y'all bitchesin trouble, bring breads knuckles to the scuffle. I heard that cutty wentpop. Kid. I didn't gonna pop pop. That's my bust name.I'm designing with the trip. Baby Mommy with the clip w fights with abitch. Bring a ditty to the rip and she find her she think hot. Damn fucking pest the river. Boo, little bitch. Try. I wasborn a flash Sims on my neck. I like born in jets. Ilike morning say, but nothing in this world that I like more thancheck ny. What I really want to see that I don't really need tobe any done well, a bad bitch needed. I got pans in thecoop, but see nothing root. I got fans in the coop. Touchme, I'll shoot. Shake a little...

West gellow bag and take it tostore. Yellow cash. Shake a roof fast girl. No more in thecoop, but not too I got dance in the coop. Touch me,I'll shoot a bit O. Papa, pop, pop, you know popthe most shit. The people shit out of get. Okay, do thethe Party of free or my PA Duma, slather bitch a back on your wad, come to forever. See like a honey bun, still like apretty gun. Rol You on the one dumpet your money, some cardy,get tip top bitch kiss to bring a Kike Roxys, jump it down.Look it up. An I'm a niggas birthday say I was born a flaxdiamonds on my neck. I like bored in jets, I like morning sex, but nothing in this world that I... more than cold. What Ireally want to see is that I don't really need to be anything. Well, a bad bitch, need to say okay, see money, money,money,.

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