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Episode · 6 months ago

cardi b - money [slowed+reverb]


yo btw, to the group of people that requested this song, i'm sorry cause i forgot to pick the 'clean' version HAHAHAHA. just cover your speakers or use headphones plsss

//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (Cardi B)

Lo, my bitch is all bad when it is overRides Dick on some big Cor Hills: big, that check big large bills, burn out.PIP like tin car wills, cold that wich I give Bros shoes. Ten differ, looks onmy life so killed. I give them in the mouth, a Bil all grills Kat in the carthat we don't go. I was born a flag, a dum. On my neck. I like boarding jeks.I like Mona Lak for nothing in this world that I like more than check whatI really want to see T. I don't really need to be any to full of Papageno inthe T I o O. I got that in the Toutaha bag and take it to stot study, go nocat, Sha a roof back o more in the Co. So to I got bent in the COTred or so to go, I got a Flo. I need a...

Jet Shit, honey pot. For my leg. I gota baby. I need some body Jim. I need to cheep for my ag Al Your Pics in trouble.I bress knuckles to scuffle. I heard that cary went pot. He I did go pop pop,that's my UNAM. The siding with the trip may be mommy with the clip I wator figs, with a bitch. Bring? U T doty to the wit and she finders think onfucking pest e. We kill, I let a bitch. I was one of a done on my neck. I likeboarding Jecks, I like Mornia for nothing in this world. I like more thancheck what I really want to see that I don'treally need to be any to full of the ape need I got in the out. I got that in the toshoot, a Sialia look back and take it... stop sunny gilcase o BA girl, Moanthe COT, but I'm not too. I got dance in the Qiute told I fiette, you knowPat temos shaky the people sho, not a cut. Can you to the party of breakoutleather, but your best on your wand, Conabar, like a honey one. I like apomegne roll on one, don't get your mommy some cart yet tis top pitch castbring in cake ropes, a jump it down. Fuckin note to, and I enfists I wasborn a flag down the to my neck. I like boarding jugs. I like Mornin Sake fornothing in this world that I like more...

...than cold. What I really want to see is that Idon't really need to be any done. All A bad bitch need e S. Cat Feemy.

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