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Episode · 1 year ago

daniel caesar - get you (feat. kali uchis) [slowed+bass boosted+reverb]


3:40 best part thnx me later ;)

merry christas and happy new year y'all!!sending lots of love during this very tough times. 

//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to daniel caesar (Ashton D. Simmonds) and kali uchis (Karly-Marina Loaiza)

Through drown and from natural desires. To my baby has been for me kingdom to falling angels be called. None that could have me leave. Every time I look into your house, see, every time I get a bitty said,...

I feel I get you. I get you and will were making love. Your crazy they can be hard far. So lead the two of US...

...everything those that time I look into your house, Time my get. Who could thought? I get? True, baby, I get and I'll take...

...some time just to get back, for I had. Day is for of you beforehead wines down. It's all you get. This feels like some but... make me feel so. Just be my love, but you lead me...

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