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Episode · 1 year ago

dua lipa - we're good [slowed+bass boosted+reverb]


"We're not meant to be like sleeping and coca*n*."

to the person that requested this song, sheeeesh. imma give you a kiss. this one sound sooo mf amazing :))))

//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (dua lipa) taken from her mega hit, 90s disco pop album and my fave (Future Nostalgia)

I'm on a Nineland, even when your clothes can take the silence. I think it's pretty deep pain. We gave it all. It's times goodbye from the winds, like we shouldn't say we when I'm to be like sleeping and cokay. So let's at least degree. You'RE gonna judge chewing your somebody else.

You Fay, are you on? Because when I do it myself less, we should no need to hide with we abarten and we both gone home to cry. Think it's pretty plain and side from the window it's like we shouldn't say we good, cokay. So that's agree. In your somebody else,...

...just when I do myself, we should like a new you. Would try my best room to make this easy. So don't go to sleep somebody else.

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