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Episode · 1 year ago

ed sheeran - shape of you [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (ed sheeran) 

As the best place to find the uppers ofthe bar and where I go me and my friends at the table doing soto fast talk so come on, we start a conversation totest me and trust me I'll, give it jus ou my hands so in the men on the drinkbox, and then we start to dance enough singing like girl. You know we want you,you love what I need for somebody like me coming down falling my leap for me,be crazy. Don't mind me, see boy, let's to talk to my on Moany on me: comingdown, fall in my leg, I'm coming now on my leap, I'm in love with the sheep or...

...pushing pluck a man O my heart fallinto coming with your a last night. You were in my room now Ibet she smell. Like you, I e in something brand, I'm in love with thebooming with you coming on with you, I'm in no, I vertigine. We story beginwe're going now on my first day. You and me is fifty so go. You can need tolook the bug on a ole plate. You took for hours and hours about sweet in thesower and I eminency Levin the taxi. Isn't the PAS telorum radio play an Ian? I go. You know an you, you love us.

I need for somebody like me. Comingdown falling my Lee a baby freshe, don't mind me, see boy, that's to to mP on my wastit that body on me. Coming now for the mote. Coming now on my lap, I in love with the sheep or in my heart, fall into on a iolas night.You were in my room. I bet she smell like you in and I'm in love with the Oinoio loveit to...

I'm in or it Weissman my baby, my come, my baby be a baby, my baby by a comma, be my baby. Come in, I O. U M e!! she like'm in love with you oyou,... with the shape of you.

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