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Episode · 1 year ago

girl in red - serotonin [slowed+reverb]


thanks taylor swift ig story i guess? BRILLIANT WORK OF ART ^_^

//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to girl in red (Marie Ulven) from her latest debut album (if i could make it go quiet)

I'm running alone. I'm Sara Turning, Chemra coning. Balance got me twisting. Things stabilize with medicine. There's no death to these feelings. Baby can hide from the corners of my mind. I'm thirsized of what's inside. I got in truce of thoughts, like cutting my hands off, like dripping in front of a bus, like how do I make the Stop Plan? It feels like my tripy sakes me. Please don't let me go crazy. Put me in a field with daisies might not work. I'll take a maybe taking...

...daily, but only me can save me. So I'm capitulating, crying like a fucking baby. It's about I don't want to be see gotta I don't be dead. I got intrusive thoughts, like bringing my hair off, like curting somebody. I love life. Does it ever really stop? When there's control? I lose it and crash the pils. So scared I'M gonna end up to and stop the stupid, but I try to contain it. It... so training. It's like my heart is failing. Every night I'm contemplating. My inner voice is saying dump. So I try to brush it off. Yeah, try to brush it's my stas stablize medicine. There's no dat feelings the actor.

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