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Episode · 6 months ago

girl in red - serotonin [slowed+reverb]


thanks taylor swift ig story i guess? BRILLIANT WORK OF ART ^_^

//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to girl in red (Marie Ulven) from her latest debut album (if i could make it go quiet)

I'm running on in seven Camiola balance got me to my stingthings: stabilize with medicin, there's no jest dutes feelings, a deed can come the corners of my mind and Teriasgot into I thoughts like cutting my hands off like jumping in front of a USlike. How do I make the stop running feels like my third petates me. Pleasedon't Ma me go crazy, but me N E F. What Dais Right now work. I take a movebreaking jail, but only me to save me.

So I'm come you, lady Crom, like afucking baby, I don't is, but I don't want to be so cut up. I go to bed, I e there's. No, I got intrusive thoughts like bring myhair outside ring somebody I love life. Does it ever really stop when there'scontrol, I lose it in Crestlands, so scared, I'm going to end up doingsomething stupid, but I tra to contain... It gets so dain. It's like my heartis failing every night, I'm consen my interessa tough. So I try to brush itoff. You try to push it up. I...

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