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Episode · 11 months ago

GIVĒON - LIKE I WANT YOU [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to GIVĒON (Giveon Dezmann Evans)

Sometimes I wish you, but I discuss the truth. I say I'm happy, but I'm still suck onus. Does your mind play this game to think about Mein Him. I guess I I am see face to face othinking about the days as to be,...

...but I can't make a, but I can't make it he face the face. I thinking about thedays we used to be, but I can facis, but I can't think I even you fieves. I guess it's over to...

...tell me you point to you tell me: Am I to flame you're so goodwith change I saw set for you. You got me way in myshoe. I come ta to say Cato for got to face it. You A S, face to say I teaset, I can't makeit she faced his face thin and found me...

...even if I even I there's no reason to believe mysavors now. But if you really love me saying O O, why is it t to figure itout? I need you every day for leave me when I say it. I even if I...

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