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Episode · 1 year ago

justin bieber - confident (ft. chance the rapper) [slowed+bass boosted+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (Justin Bieber) and chance the rapper (Chancelor Johnathan Bennett) 

Don't do it, you mean, don't do what you mean? Don't do it to me. I fois you get a bay like that. It see likethat. Like a fan, I s in front of me some ses going. That's why I think she fane Gonpas me S, O S, O...

S S O. I see what she is. I sit on my sin,she's a she's, confident, no she's, confident, no, I'm tessie feel so good and I don'tknow why I'm a geomet look at a heavy explosive explosive.

I stand now. I not my own and an a paseo. She you see what she is so mustee's, condon, she's, confidenton Im on the he's Comin, a h. u Mi feel so good Yahan know why I'm a dig a...

...coming for a forcing and she just learn to tork.So you got a harder, as the brains got to ask is a hassle, the learning curtand she let I earn the bird by mean burn the word. That's only Nigga withthe doctors know real deep Otis, like a doctor's to tate me to like it. I hereback on the rock is a a likelier, as were, I suppose, togo Turkili a rock, a Roncione D, W H, O o G. No, no, Oh, no, no she's,confident on no! No, Oh, no! No and I'm done with the head or on O. Oh, no, noshe's come again. It's all the ways he was a estion know, im an I... me fete.

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