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Episode · 1 year ago

lil tjay - leaked [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (lil tjay) 

I can let a Niggas shoot me and do see it. And before spring about a rather gonna lose the dirty gray. But as he had a son who shots and Boozy, the suddenly starts at me and a couch on the Pussy pop trying get my blue jee Ok me and shy low kickers in this arm me lokey started. Even Niggas love my home phonny. Never thought this...

...year I do it, sowny little TDS P. I'm the woman only and I just came home and they but know me. If you want to love as you gotta Call Me, wait Tom some more. You show me once. I got a little cloud every money. You know me as we really do this. You're not in a fish. Your schools energy is bos in my running suit. They will make a Nigga lose it. I can stop it. I got Burg. It's working. She says she is versions her never show me Lo my pockets hurt and I she's siting. She fucking me. Stoping and me see me put it on. And I got the nervous for never need a born. I did it on purpose and I used to play the block with the thing. Got A lot to my teens if my...

...nigger told her hot we go power, for I'm coming strolling into that. You Ain't no competition. We don't think you wanna do that. You have to chance, but you would have any money. I don't all going on. So the last circle sudden, lying on my strong the state ten toes, I'm the still go strong as for see me go, the mechanic smoking Gt as, the boy for the frilling go. I don't know. She has a spending nothing. I'm like give she won for one time, maybe two times if she do finking W W. I'm in the students part. I'm cooking. I'm cooking VETCHNA. I shouldn't. I don't. You fucking try to lose going staying Gamestay game pomers. I was only huning. Me Take Wis easy ASS BS. The game game asked about me, but they...

...tell you how. I Nay. Were they going? Because I'm all now I'm at the boy where. I don't really give a fuck. Now we didn't does I'm says in touch down one day everybody ever boys dance scale of the scene in the four. See me going what the me Cadic Smoking Gt as, the bowl for the frilling go. I don't know she owned. She yes, it's spending nothing. I might give out one time, two times, if she do find you pull I'm in the stood as I'm cooking. I'm cooking China time. I shouldn't.

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