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Episode · 8 months ago

marian hill - down [slowed+reverb]



//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to marian hill (Jeremy Lloyd) & (Samantha Gongol)

Didn't never really wanna go, butif you can me out, you gotta shows. So many bodies on thefloor. So, baby, we should going on some are you down?Did it down? Did it down? Did it down? Down, down, down. Did it down? Did it down? Did it down?Down, down? Every look of people's hands found up in the other dancecome on, Bay, catch me if you can. I know you don'thave any other place. Are You downted it down? Did it down?Did it down, down, down? Don't it down? Did it down? Did it down? Down, down?...

Are you up? There? YouDown? Are you don't? Are you? Are you down? Areyou down? Are you dipped up the pump? Are you? You knowwe could put them on the shame. I was in the time. Theplate. Isn't the the reason why you came? So, baby, don'tyou let it go to waste. Are you downed it down? It down, lit it down, down, down, down, it down, it down, it down, down, down.

Every single thing is feeling right.Started as a quiet fighting. I really think the wish you fight thiswhat a fraid of't stop until it's like. Are you down? Let it down? Let it down, let it down, down down. Are youdowned it down? It down? Are you? You don't? All youdon't. Why you are you don't. Are you don't? Are you todip up the pot? Are you? Are you? Are you? Areyou? Are you? Are you down?...

Are you? Are you don't?Why you? Are you done? Are you don't? Want you todip up the bore you you've done? All you don't. Are you down? Are you down? Are you don't? Are you the dip up? Down, are you?.

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