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Slow Cast Lounge

Episode · 6 months ago

masked wolf - astronaut in the ocean [slowed+reverb]



//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to masked wolf (harry michael)

Strawhan, you know about Roland down.In the day when you ran on am you can go a mental freeze when these peoplejok too much put that shit is slow motion. Yet I feel like a Natrona inthe ocean like what you know about rolling down in the date. When youbring go. No, you can go them in to freeze when the people coo much withthat shit is slow motion yea. I feel like enator and sash say that I'm coolI'm like yeah, that's true, I believe in God, don't believe it. He hate youtea. She keeps praying me dumb, I'm a play of a fun. You don't really know mymantel. Let me give you the visor, like steps for falling now in a drought, noflow rain. Was it boring down, see that...

...famous all around see my modus kind oflounge didn't know which which way to turn so as cool, but I still felt burntenergy of given film, My Sur, I'm gonna kill every day like this Burg. Let'sjust get this strait for sucking, even if I don't get paid for Eperson, I'mgetting everything that I don't always electric, I'm a keeper in a motion givea moving Lukit this shit in a frame, but I know what don't blame everythingthat I say anyting you delay. Let me elevate this in a pring and you walkingon the plane. I, like O casing the guy. Let me proime. I've been goin way rightaround Colerain, a tor back in the Mansian in the pool cantoon. When Ibeen sitting this a piece of Ma my piece sign: can you pleaser between thelines, my Bronsal, to break your spy? They say that I'm so fine! You couldnever magni crime, please or not, not with my job. What you know about Olindoin the Dat when you ran over on you can...

...go a mental freeze when these peoplejoking much put that Shit, is slow motion. Yet I feel like an Atrani theocean, like know about rolling down in the deep when you rang Oohat, to freezewhen these people talk too much. For that Shit is low motion you, I feellike it Leonor in the ocean a.

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