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Episode · 1 year ago

max millian - beautiful scars [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (max millian)

Broken out the pieces up in shape he's focus on the things that didn'tmake. No sae guess that growing numbers even meant to be yeah got used to doing everything. Sidewas didn't really care about. A Wady were film, hiding my emotions on indisenchanted o I lost in God. No, you can't just let go CISTI fit ofyou that Bo make you so embrace Ollie, I'm on gonna fight back with a becomehere. I got trues where I came from,...

...but I wouldn't change. If I could, westive dying, gonna Hights Beautifull, guys I've been going. Wait too got ofmyself CIS. That is the reason I've been feeling like. Totila is the re time I going to praythese beautiful guy. I went down a road that only can meanno I've seen every corner every inch of these plays being on alone. I reallygot me thinking baby over in it and what is lost thing guy? Will you can't just say: Go becauseit's a part of you that will make you strong,...

...brace your S, I'm Gonta it back would have be home.He got prue where I came from, do it, I I o change. You Bet I gonna hide a Beautifu guys in s. That is the reason I've been feelinglike I sharston what a come if got bruises where I came,...

...but I wouldn't change. I O. We start. Iain't gonna it these beautiful guys, I w O W as myself. That is the reason of a feelingI chouettes beautiful scar.

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