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Episode · 7 months ago

meghan thee stallion - body [slowed+reverb]


MO*N WARNING AT THE START PLSSSS HAHAHAHA! lower your volume kids :))))

//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to meghan thee stallion (Meghan Pete) from her album (Good News)

A real hot girl Shit can you to be like you, no no, the ladybody, Adadad Adia Diya Diya, Diadia, Yayati, Yadi, Wa body, Adia, Ya, Diya,Diya, Diya, Diya Di Yadyat, Yadyat at Adiabo Y, crazy curvy, wake feet. I Iwell by the crazy curvy waity, beat kitty little wait body a Diadia, DiaDiya, Dyadya, Dyadya Dyadya Yadyat di how body did at in a engageing lookgood with this to want to know we're making it. I E like a bore you, but youwon't get your baby take see me in that dress and he felt like he almost hatedthat reremembered up POPLA, okay, three to one. You don't want to had to sheain't here for gotta heap me in a prison when I'm a a speaking when I'mnot there on riches, can't recast, I... Carl testhimony Yada at body,Yadyat, Ya, Dia, Diya, Diya, Diya, Diya, Diadia, Gadiandi, Yani, ba Ba a crazycurvy wake be, can fit wait by crazy curvy way. Be I I wait body a DiadiaDiadia Dyadya di Yadyat, Yaada Yaiya need they complete. It is me on myfaceres, be getting these thinkers through the corn them that I'm everywell, oh, my shit is, you could tell any hope I be from years ago, isbeating by herself back, and we took a trip on the real creek to an o number.One is, don't repeat the Shi that number two. If they all came with you,they better know the. Secondly, with the PIE came to do body, Adadad, Adgai,Adi Gadi, Adadad, Yada, Ya Body, a...

Diadia, Diya, Diya, Diya, Dyadya,Dyadya, Yadyat, Yadyat, crazy, curvy waking feet, tiny, still, wait, Fucrazy, curvy way beat a lit Wabayo, Diadia, Adadad, Ya, Diyatanda, YadaYaada, the Amagori is body. We get the win, Ianthe race, your for ootower.They in the way o a with me- and I will see myself I would have broby drinking-took me home. Give me long at Ed with the Penny to to put the house withoutthe break. I got ye win the life time trying to get this high in the Pera tobe to make that pop. I'm not the one to play with like a touch meat like body.A diadia Yadi Gaiata Yaiya Yadi Adadad, a body Yadyat Yadi, Yadyat, Yadyat,Yada, Yaaaaaii, Yadyat, crazy, curvy...

...waking feet till he little waist. Ficrazy curvy way be to wait body Ya, Diadia, Diadia, dyadya, Diadia, Yadyat,Yadi, an t.

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