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Episode · 2 years ago

PRETTYMUCH - phases [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to PRETTYMUCH (brandon arreaga) (edwin honoret) (austin porter) (nick mara) (zion kuwonu)

Now you Tryna do you, but are you fell off the couple by nights? It's twenty care heart you, but are you got lost to figure your worth? What the hot does I cost when I'm kissing cripping fize? You were destiny, meant to be mine, an flick which you live in your life. I'll practice my paces of your getting ways to feelings. Face you'll... go through faces like so you leave in your heart, but I know that ain't you just playing your card? Bab them shoes, but you take it too far. It doesn't matter where takes. I go wherever you are. When I'm missing CRIPP with you in my will show do faces like yeah,...

I'm really tired of being so spoken. You got me broken an songs, but you daily in a s Mester my focus. Fuck with him,...

...but we were realizes that use focus on the one for you. So I do. I feel like they're going notice hucking morning close in floors were falling off, tracking out direct like a drum, looking up the butterfly. Fill it in my car, even though you ain't mine. Is the fact that I'm yours just a fact of my life and could sleek without yours? Is the fact that at night I'm trying to ignore catching overseas flights. Just knock on the door, you put my pay starting your body. So Soul, you bad. You can't we tell you. I told you. Show two faces, like.

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