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Episode · 1 year ago

rihanna - desperado [slowed+reverb]


"desperado, sitting in a old monte carlo"
//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) 

It's Rato sitting in a money gota man is out of hollow. I'm not trying to cook as really employment. Gotta get a plot of are you? I know you won't love me.Jack Coming in. You need me. There ain't on you never. No, no, just one out of areas. I'm going, going,if you want. They could be run away, running wrong, and thisout of love. Yeah, then nothing ever for me. There is nothingever for me any heart. That's whereat...

...sitting in B uspoke. Go.I'm not. I could be at all. Gotta Get up area. I knowyou won't. I'm an interest. You need me. Bearing on.We could be run away, running from and the set. Yeah, theme. There is nothing if on me,...

...anyone. Yeah, I don't want. Yeah, I don't want. If you walk, we could berun away, running wrong, and it's not a love. Yeah, they'renothing. There nothing here for me. They're nothing if for me anymore.That I don't want to be a love.

We could be run running wrong andit's not a love for me. There is nothing if for me anymore.

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