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Episode · 1 year ago

tate mcrae - you broke me first [slowed+bass boosted+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to Tate McRae (Tatum Rosner "Tate" McRae) 

Maybe you like talking to a t bot youso, but you should have told me the true thing I must on on hells. Youdon't get a party or maybe it's just see. You Gon broke down your fold in afull couple months. You can mean no. I know you like this. Well, she don't go away on meeting me afake, the life O me. I think, but oven mtemi sorted your eyes can forby you tell me where you get. You could save me so that we have, but I don care how body...

...and you bro me o o o o, don't for God in my God a you knowthat we, while I'm still Bofo, see nowe is Goin. I go really do what tosay. I know you like this. She don't go. You way an needin me toface seen life O, I think, but aenianes eyes in Folia. Tell me where you get to. I YOU CASA MIS SA that we I...

...but I don't recale, how bad an you bro me. What did you think? What do you think? So I e an for Bo. Tell me what you to I, you deceave Mis Alta Week a but Idon't be care how body and go brome.

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