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Episode · 2 years ago

taylor swift - cardigan [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (Taylor Alison Swift) & (Aaron Dessner) from her 8th Studio album “folklore” stream now!

Vintage t rand new form I use. When you are young days, nothing, sequence, small black lips take send you all it takes. When you are young days, nothing, but I know dancing in your strunk under stream, and I know, babycause it better. I felt like I was cart...

...again under someone's beat. You put me on, I said I was your favor. All is a friend, she's two girls. WHO's the One? You are young, but give me a week and hearty on the twenty life.

I feel like I again. So's best. You put me on and say FA to kiss and go time, you tru stars. My score. Stepping on the last strain marks me like a blood stain. Shot the change,...

...the ending, people losing when like the father, like water. When you are young, lady, like to kiss, the smell everything. Time. She said shore. I knew you'd miss me and you'd be standing and...

I knew you'd come back to me. Come back to me, and you come back. I feel like I was a card again, to someone's best on and said I was your favor.

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