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Episode · 1 year ago

taylor swift - end game ft. ed sheeran/future [slowed+reverb]


"I wanna be your endgame, i wanna be your first string."
//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (taylor alison swift) (ed christopher sheeran) future (nayvadius deMun wilburn) from taylor's 6th studio album "reputation"

I want to be an Gan, I wanta be first ran. I want to be see, I want to be an a and game. Be Iontoscosgate got a repentin her to don the see I wulatee Teste. I got a bed forfor some of the what they like. You... it. I love it because you wenttight. You take you with my I I don't want to t you just another ee you want to see. Is You like the other girls? Do I don't want in on the ear a want be Nabataean? I was you we connect when wewill live it older boat spring. I got...

...the shoes and chips and boon. Myshoulders reputation receives me proves a m De Tisean. Ignore it be leave meeven when we are, we don't do on an you understand you in the pesonal, yourbeautiful trace. In a way you do be, for Oh, my poor Irene in security asony mistakes and me some choices. That's hard, an no o the storm,something beforn in the follies, the Fons, a game for on the tip of my toe ever se. Idon't want t you to be just another, a o you on want to see. I don't want.

You got the other girls too. I don't want t t e Na be on Eaton Mutation. You and melegrance about. I got some big Baionette put to keepback the web for the reputation...

...perceive me to O prets. It loves me andI can't to go an prissie call. My blin on my usual Shitenno be...

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