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Episode · 2 years ago

taylor swift - end game ft. ed sheeran/future [slowed+reverb]


"I wanna be your endgame, i wanna be your first string."
//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to (taylor alison swift) (ed christopher sheeran) future (nayvadius deMun wilburn) from taylor's 6th studio album "reputation"

I wanna be. I wanna be first strange. I wanna be a team. I wanna be and gutation. We got. I got some big you, so don't, don't overcost. I'm so stole. I need the post. We do the most. I'm in the ghost of a whipping a boat. I got a reputation girded on the city. When they're deleted, the...

...chief cross the a side. I gotta bear what solars what they like. You love it. I love it because you are tight. Take you with my life. I don't wanna touch you. Just another exile. Wanna set like the other girlst to thinking I'm gonna be when I was connected, when...

...we were little, all the boat spring. I got the shoes and drips and boat from my shoulders. Reputation receives me and rumors a deep tree disys E to ignore it. Believe me, even when we are to you understand the good bad. For Your beautiful traits and the way you do bees for my full star and we're in security. Some mistakes, me, some choices. That's hard to a something born of the four on the tip of my tongue. Just another exile, like the other ghost to reputation. Reputation.

Oh, you and me, we got big reputations. Heard about me. I got some bigation be bang which to forget and put it back to where...

...put the reputation precedes me. The told you crazy a sweat of the drama. It loves me and I can't let you go to hand Prinson the soul. It's like a good bodies you can call my blood, fun of my usual tricks and is a true far lips. Gonna Ben.

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