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Episode · 7 months ago

travis scott - goosebumps (feat. kendrick lamar) [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to travis scott (Jacques Bermon Webster II) and (Kendrick Lamar Duckworth)

So dirty a I get, those is on every you come around you, as on my you, makeeverything for fine where you got those gross. I way now is the way you goneyeah I get those goose bobs every time. Ineed that time. Go that to the side I get. Those is homes every time we younot around. You go that other. I...

I get those cos every time, ye even unethree to a one. You White, only why he me I I oi'm sipping O kid. Iride when I Bolingui beside an O starlein. I take skin game. No is sack on a bob to to she boutelet a e at the top right there all doing ye. Ah Now I can't buck with Jo Yehe I withmy Scott. I can I do no wrong. I ain in the city. Don't get missing fall ifthey gonna pull up on you Bo.

We gonna do some days and days you canrely. I does be from O Tay o place. You can, I say, or you can go, I don't know or back the fuck bobby. I get those good ones. Every time youcome around you s on my you make everything for fine wor about those CosI'm way now here is the way you gone yeah I get those goose boms every time. Ineed the time. Go that to the side. I can those o some every time. I, whenyou not around you to that O I I...

I get those to O. Every time I went topress my life yea. I want to press my I want agree like I want to be. Like Iwent to press my I yeah. I want to take that crack yeah, I'm going to press mylife. I would agree like I want to feel like I want to press my amy dear spanfeelings. I would live a moment feeling more residual by a building burn. Thebuilding. Take your bitch rebuild the building just to fuck some body. Ajustify myself for ye touch the COT for Co to stop the bad in wall. I A thankful pussy, the Diet, a pipe orpick the peppers. I could pick your brain wot. You are together, read topart the shady parts of parting. At the Donosor to put for atomy best shot, myshoe for ever like or to s one o come around. He s on my eye. You makeeverything for fine were about those go.

Iwanow is way you got yeah. I get those goose bumps every time. Ineed the time. Go that to the side. I can those to homes. Every time I,when you not around, go that to the side I get those those lops every time. I.

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