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Episode · 9 months ago

travis scott - SICKO MODE [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to travis scott (Jacques Bermon Webster II) and drake (Aubrey Drake Graham)

Strong. Yea, Sun is down, freezing cold. That's how we already know when it's here. My dogwill probably do it for Louis Bell Dash. You sorry, know he don't knownothing else. I tried to show me. Yep, I tried toshow me. Yea. Yeah, yeah,...

...yeah, yeah, gone on,you with the pick and roll young the flame here, sickle Mo mate, this here with all the eyes on in the booth at the gate outside. When they pull up, they give me loose. Yeah, jump out, boys as Nike boys up in a coast. This shit way to bewhere we pull up. Give me the load was off the remi had abad post. Had Damn my all down. The ductor knows too. Our luckdown. We may no moss. Now it's going, man, I'mback a poppy with the go. I just had it in chase be mixespop like John but Jose iff in color. Chaste. My jewelerally selling fruze andthey joking. Main know the crackers on the shoe. Son said.M said this shit way too formal.

Y'All know I don't follow suit.Stacy Dash Mos said, these girls ain't got a clue. All A zzes. I made our records I produce, I might take all my axes andput them all in a group. Group hit my essays. I need theboot bout to turn this function in the bottom roof. To happen, youcoming to in the three hundred and five. Bitches, treat me like I'm UNCLOSLop. The top off is just a roof. She said where wegoing, and I said the Moon wen't even make it to the room.She thought it was ocean. It's just a bow, bow, now Igotta Open. It's just a ghost.

Who put this shit together? I'ma globe, so and said shorty faced Tommy, out the blue. Soin said so in sad mother. Someone said, yeah, a stroke,Yep, Yep, and hey, hey, she's in love with Whoi are.Back in high school I used to Bustet to the day. Yeah,now I hit that Epio with devils in my hands. I did have aZA thirteen hours till I lay happy out like a light, like a light, like a light. He slept through...

...the flight. Not for the night. Seven hundred and sixty seven minute shit. Got Double Bedroom and I still gotschools. The settlement. I crept down a block, made her right. Yeah, cut the lights Hay a price, you Nigga, stick andsweet. It's on sight. Yeah, nothing Nice, mag it's in myeyes, just as Christ check sober stripes here. That's what I like,that's what we like. Yeah, lost my respect. You not a threat. When I shoot my shot that she wedded like on shake. See theshots that I took. Wet like on book, wet like on Lizzie.I'LL BE SPENDING VALLEY circle blocks till I'm busy, like, where is he? No one seen him. I'm trying to clean up. Yeah, she'sin love of who I am. Back in high school I used to Bustetto the dance. Now hit the epio...

...with duffels in my head. Idid have a said thirteen hours to Li land. How me out like alight, like a light, like a light, like a light, likea light, a life, like a light. Yea, past the dustand selly sending Texas sitting Kizya. He say, keep that on, likeI say, you know, this shit is stight. Get's absolute. I'mback with broom. It's go for right, good chamber juice star. We backon her road. They jumping off, no cares shoe. Yeah, suretyin the back she says she working on the bruise by the book.It's how it look yeah, about the check. Just check the foot stoodpasses to my daughter. I'm a show with it too. Yeah, beMama cover force. Got These other bitches shure. Yeah,.

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