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Episode · 8 months ago

travis scott - SICKO MODE [slowed+reverb]


//slowed+reverb by me//I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG//Credits to travis scott (Jacques Bermon Webster II) and drake (Aubrey Drake Graham)

...satis down freezing cold, that's how wealready know when I an my daughter body going for Louis, be that's just sally know. He don't knownothing else. I tried to show Yeh. I tried to show...

Yeh Yeh Yeh, go on you with a Pickin Roll Yontefhere, Sigalon a Isewin o the eyes on in the boat atthe gate outside when they put up thinking me, lose I jump out boys aslike. What's up in I gos did she wait to be? Will we put to give me? The load was off the rimedio in a down the thenose to like may no mo now is going here and I'm back a Opinin to go. Ijust let it be Mike spot like Jona Joe Different Cellar, Jasin, my jewerlyfroze and a joking man or the crackety son Sidonie, wait to for o Yo know. Idon't follow so Stacy Dash, mose he's...

...causin gotta go go all of these! ThoseI made. I reckons I produce. I might take all my axes and put them all in agrove room in my essays. I need the boat by the turn his function in thebottle, rod to a Abe you coming to in the three orfive bitches treat me like a munkle top of is just a room. She said what wegoing. I set the MON, we ain't even make it to the room andshe thought it was ocean. It's just a Bo Bo yeah. I got a open, it's just aghost...

...who put the shit together in the glow.Someone says: Shorty Face Tommy at the blow, so on said soone, someone said as Yeah Yeah She's a lover Hoi am back in highschool. I used to bust it to the Dato hit that Pio with duffers in my head. Idid have a said. Thirteen hours till I land having out like a light pan like alight, a like a light, slept through...

...the flight e, not for the night, sevensixty seven minute. She got double bed O man I still at as the settle man. Icrept down. The block made a right, but the light to pay theprice your niggas think is sweet, is so sight, nothing. Nice beggin myeyes, just a sky check, sober stripes Ye. That's what I like. That's what welike do lost my respect. You not a threat when I shot my shot that sheweddy, like on shake site, shot that I took wet like a book wet like on LizzieI'll, be spending valley, circle, bouts till I'm busy like. Where is he now on seen o trying to Cain O she's in love, Wi Backin, high school?I used to bust it to the desk. Now I...

...hit the Eppoi Duffles in my head. I didhave a said. Thirteen hours till I land I mean I like a light like a light likea life like a life like a life, a life like a life eh tate dozen selles in inTexan sending case say give that on. Like I say you know, this shit is Tito.It absolute I'm back with rot. It's o right O, but you skill be back on theroad. They jumping up. No Pass you yes, shorty in the back. She said she workin on the tuous check. The foot passes to my daughter, I'm a so wide to me.Mamma cover fors got these other bitches shulte.

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